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اعوذ باالله من الشيطن الرجيم    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم    الحمد لله  رب العالمين . الرحمن الرحيم . ملك يوم الدين . اياك نعبد و اياك نستعين . اهدناالصراط المستقيم . صراط الذين انعمت عليهم ' غيرالمغضوب عليهم ولاالضالين





The following are the officials dealing with NICOP, the National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis, as well as the POC, the Pakistan Origin Card. Further information is available at NADRA's official site.

Very briefly, NICOP is meant for all Pakistani citizens in the United States. It replaces the National Identity Card or NIC. The fee for NICOP has been revised, it is now US$15 for 10 years validity.

POC is meant for US nationals of Pakistani origin. Such nationals can now choose between a Pakistani passport or a POC. POC holders DO NOT NEED A VISA to go to Pakistan.

Download Adobe Acrobat to view and print applications.

Pakistan Origin Card

For American Citizens



For POC you need:

  • Completed POC Application form.

  • 2 photographs (passport size, light blue background preferred).

  • Money order or cashier's check for the fee ($100 for adults, $50 for minors) made payable to the Embassy or Consulate General.

  • Copy of American/Foreign passport.

  • At least 1 proof of Pakistani origin:
    -> Copy of Pakistani passport
    -> Copy of National ID Card (NIC)
    -> Proof of property owned in Pakistan
    -> Proof of relationship with a Pakistani e.g. (Marriage or Birth Certificate), alongwith the relative's Pakistani passport or NIC.


  • Return envelope (stamped and self-addressed, for the receipt).

  • National ID Card for Overseas Pakistanis

    For Pakistani Citizens





    For NICOP you need:

  • Completed English application form.

  • Completed Urdu application form (not needed if you have CNIC, if you dont have CNIC you MUST fill this form out too).

  • 4 photographs(passport size, light blue background preferred).

  • Money order or cashier's check for the fee ($15) made payable to the Embassy or Consulate General.

  • Copy of Pakistani passport (valid or expired for not more than 1 year) Front 4 pages.

  • Copy of US Visa/I-94/Green Card/INS document showing legal stay in the US.

  • Copy of National ID Card (NIC) or the RG-2 (Bay-form) . In case niether is available, the registration of Pakistani children born abroad may be used (Form S-1) alongwith the parents NICs.

  • Return envelope (stamped and self-addressed, for the receipt).



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: I want to register my child, where do i get the CRC (Form 'B'/Bay-form)?
    Please click here for information on CRC.

    Q: The forms claim the NICOP fee is $25 for multiples of 3 years, what is the latest fee structure?
    A: The forms reflect the OLD fee structure, please IGNORE the validity section on the forms. The current fee structure is $15 for validity of 10 years and this is final.

    Q: What is the approximate processing time for POC/NICOP applications?
    A: Minimum processing time for POC is 3 months. Minimum time for NICOP is 3 months, but it usually takes more than 4 months. The delay is mainly because the cards are made in Pakistan and then sent to the mission here.

    Q: Do I need to send a return envelope with my application?
    A: Yes, if you want to receive a receipt for your application filed with this office. The return envelope is not used for your card, that is sent on our expense.

    Q: Do I need to send separate money orders/cashier's checks for each applicant?
    A: No, upto 8 POC applicants or 8 NICOP applicants can use 1 money order/cashier's check for their combined fees (for example $60 for 4 NICOP applicants), however payment of one card may not be mixed with that of another (POC may not be mixed with that of NICOP and vice versa). If one family is applying for both types of cards, make sure you include separate money orders/cashier's checks for each type.

    Q: Are there any other special instructions with regard to sending in an application?
    A: Each application is processed individually so if one family is applying, make sure you attach separate copies of each document with each application e.g. do not send just 1 copy of a father's NIC when he is applying for himself, his wife and his kids. Also make sure you mark your application "ATTN: NADRA" so that it reaches the relevant department quickly and doesnt experience any delays in the mail room.

    Q: I need to change my name. What do I do?
    A: To apply under a different name than your supporting documentation you need valid proof of name change. This can be a Marriage Certificate, Divorce Papers or Court Order (from Pakistan only) of name change.

    Q: I am a student here, can I get a fee waiver?
    A: Yes, but then you will not get a card, you will only be registered in the National Database. If you want the card, you will have to pay for it.

    Q: Do I really need to fill out the urdu based NICOP forms?
    A: That depends. If you have a CNIC (Computerized National ID Card) and are attaching its copy, then no you do not. In ALL other cases (including old NIC) you MUST fill out the urdu form.

    Q: Can minors (under 18) apply for NICOP?
    A: Yes, but only if you have their

    Q: Which Money Order should I send?
    A: You can send any brand you like (US Postal Service, Western Union). It is cashed in the US not in Pakistan.

    Q: Do I have to get the urdu forms attested?
    A: No, the Consulate/Embassy handles this.

    Q: Do I really need my parent's NIC number?
    A: You must provide their numbers if they are alive and currently Pakistani citizens. Otherwize you can just write DECEASED or NA.

    Q: Where do I mail my application?
    A: You can mail it to whichever office you like. Generally, you should send your application to Consulate/Embassy closest to you. The addresses for each are available on the
    Community page.


    (1) Without prejudice to any other rights, benefits, privileges or capacities enjoyed by or available to a non-resident citizen who simultaneously holds the nationality or citizenship of any other country or state together with his Pakistani citizenship, such non-resident citizen shall, upon issuance of the card to him and during the period of validity of his said card, have the right to enter into Pakistan without a visa from such port or place, by such route and in accordance with such conditions, if any, as are prescribed pursuant to the Passport Act, 1974 (XX of 1974).

    (2) A card validly issued to a non-resident citizen shall be the conclusive proof of his being a citizen of Pakistan for the purposes of availing protection of the Government of Pakistan in any foreign country or state as a Pakistani citizen. The Federal Government shall recognize, afford and ensure full protection as citizens of Pakistan available under the law to all cardholders abroad.


    (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis)



    (Pakistan Origin Card)


    Application Procedure (NICOP)                                         

    Application Procedure (POC)

    a. This forms is to be filled in by all non-resident citizens residing/ settled abroad in different categories. If the applicant is holding a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), the main Application Form (Urdu) need not to be filled in. However, if the applicant is not holding a Computerized NIC, the applicant shall also fill in the main Application Form in Urdu along with specified form in English Language.

    b. Please carefully fill in all required information applicable in your case. Any casualness or mistake in filling in the form or any inaccurate information provided therein may result in delays or non-delivery of the card.
    c. In case of any of family members (spouse, parents, grandparents, real or grandchildren, etc.) are also applying for NICOP, the separate form may be used by them for processing of applications and delivery of NICOPs of your entire family.
    d. Multiple photocopies of form may be made and used and sent along with the all-necessary documents.
    e. IMPORTANT: Family members applying together will get their cards at the address in their forms.
    f. Please fill in the form in BLACK ink.
    g. Please clearly print or type ONLY in CAPITAL letters and avoid contact with the edges of the box. The following should prove as an example:
    h. A block may be left empty wherever a word ends and a new word begins in the same line or where nothing further is to be written.
    i. Avoid any over-writing and other mistakes while filling in the form. Please make sure that the form is filled in as neatly as possible. If there are too many mistakes in the form, fill in a new form. Exact photocopies of the form (on A4 size paper ONLY) are acceptable.
    j. Wherever small choice field boxes " " are provided in the form (e.g. in respect of type of application, gender, marital status, etc), the box adjacent to the appropriate answer is to be SHADED i.e. " " and NOT to be ticked or checked.
    k. Names in full are to be written in the order of first, middle and then last name.
    l. Spaces provided for dates are to be filled in from the left in the order of, firstly, Day (DD); secondly, Month (MM); and, lastly, Year (YYYY) in four digits.
    m. "NIC" stands for National Identity Card issued by GOP to Pakistani citizens who are 18 years of age or above.
    n. Information required in respect of NIC or Pakistani passport may only be provided by persons holding Pakistani citizenship/nationality.
    o. Details of foreign/non-Pakistani passport held by a person are to be compulsorily provided wherever required in the form (for dual Nationals only).
    p. Application form has numbered items. All applicable items have to be answered/responded to. Most of the items are self-explanatory. However, item-wise description and instructions for guidance have been provided below where felt necessary.

    Item No. Description & Instructions
    1. Application may be made for a new card or for renewal of a card, Renewal is needed upon expiry of the validity period of the old card or Duplicate in case of misplace or lost or Change in case of any change in card or cancellation in case of death of applicant.
    2. This is applicable only to a person not holding Pakistani NIC or passport. The details of applicable ground on the basis of which you are applying for NICOP must be specified that applicant is whether by birth or by relation or having any immoveable property in Pakistan or any other ground (Please specify any other ground on extra page on which applicant is applying for Pakistan Origin Card)
    3. Full name must be mentioned in block letters (First, Middle, Last).
    4. Please mention Place of Birth in this sequence City or Town, State/ Province /Country
    5. NIC/ NICOP/POC NO. if any
    6. Present nationality (other than Pakistani nationality/citizenship)
    7. Provide required details of Pakistani passport and Foreign passport.
    8. Father's Full name must be mentioned in block letters (First, Middle, Last)
    9. Father's Present nationality
    10 Father's NIC/ NICOP/POC NO. if any
    11. Enter your mother's name. (First, Middle, Last)
    12. Enter your mother's nationality
    13. Mother's NIC/ NICOP/POC NO. if any
    14. Married person should write their spouse's name.(First, Middle, Last)
    15. Spouse's Present nationality
    16. Spouse's NIC/ NICOP/POC NO. if any
    17. Carefully enter your present address on which you can be contacted and your card may be delivered. Mistake or incomplete/inaccurate information provided here may result in delays or non-delivery of the card.
    18. Enter your permanent address in Pakistan, if any. Foreigner spouses of Pakistani citizens may mention the permanent address of their spouses in Pakistan.
    19. Please shade on which addresses you want to be delivered a card?
    20. Please mention information about children if space is insufficient then use extra sheet for more children
    21. Give all information about relative, relationship with Applicant, his NIC and NICOP No, Present Address and Telephone No
    22. Kashmiries will fill this information
    23. If you have ever been deprived of Pakistani citizenship by an order of the Government of Pakistan passed under subsection (2) or subsection (3) of section 16 of the Pakistan Citizenship Act, 1951 (II of 1951), please shade the applicable box
    23- 25 The box adjacent to the appropriate answer is to be ticked or checked
    26. Select the appropriate answer and shade the box adjacent to the choice field that applies to you. In respect of Education, select only the highest level of education applicable in your case. Profession may be identified even if unemployed.
    27. It is mandatory to fill in this block. Unanswered will be treated as incomplete from and will be rejected.
    28. Paste your picture with blue background in the respective block. And signatures and thumb impression must be clearly affixed in Black ink only.


    List of Dual National Countries
    Following are the name of countries and dates on which Pakistan have dual nationals with the countries.

    1 Switzerland 15-02-1988
    2 Syria 13-03-1989
    3 Netherlands 18-02-1993
    4 France 01-12-1983
    5 Belgium 01-12-1983
    6 Iceland 01-12-1983
    7 Italy 01-12-1983
    8 New Zealand 01-12-1983
    9 Jordan 27-02-1988
    10 Australia 02-09-1974
    11 Egypt 15-09-1990
    12 Canada 17-05-1973
    13 U.K
    14 Sweden
    15 USA



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